GEUMS – New and Recent East Of Eden Introductions

  • Geum Nudge and a Wink
  • Geum Wishsong (Valley Hi Series)
  • Geum Red Sky Riders (Valley Hi Series)
  • Geum Moonrise Melody (Valley Hi Series)
  • Geum Etrixia (Valley Hi Series)
    Geum Etrixia (Valley Hi Series)

Welcome to the East Of Eden Nursery Website, a small family run nursery situated in the picturesque Eden valley, in the small village of Ainstable, which is just to the east of Armathwaite and the River Eden just ten minutes from junctions 41 or 42 of the m6 motorway.

We specialise in Geums, and have the largest collection in the country with lots of exciting new introductions all bred and raised on nursery from a hardy and reliable Strain. We have introduced over sixty different varieties so far with six more brand new varieties available this year.

We also have a good selection of Astilbes including 3 East Of Eden introductions, Shrubs, perennials, Hosta’s and Alpines are also available. We also offer most plants by mail order throughout the year, weather conditions permitting.

East Of Eden Nursery